Hello there!

We are Juan Javier and Ricardo, two Ecuadorians from the great city of Guayaquil trying to look serious and sexy AF in that picture. We know we nailed it.

So this is how it went, we started our careers back in 2007 while still studying Communications. On 2011 we moved to Argentina to specialize in Copywriting and keep on learning.

There, we were part of the team who started the DAVID office in Buenos Aires, to later move to the States and help build DAVID Miami.

In 2016 we earned the nicknames Number Juan and RicarDOS, after being named the #1 Copywriter and #2 Art Director in the World according to the Cannes Lions Global Creativity Report. This was a great year because we also become the first Ecuadorian team ever to win a Grand Prix at Cannes, and at the Clios, and the first D&AD Impact White Pencil for Argentina.

In 2017 we were named Creatives of the Year by Ad Age in the A-List & Creativity Awards and we were also featured in ADWEEK's CREATIVE 100 as 2 of the Creative Directors Who Are Completely Reimagining What’s Possible in Advertising.

But beyond all that, we are just two ad nerds who love advertising, we like creating work that gets talked about and ultimately becomes a part of Pop culture, helping brands grow and become a part of people’s conversations.

We’ve had the luck to work for brave and amazing clients like Coca-Cola, Burger King, Heinz, Powerade, Staples, Milka, and many more.

Ricardo Casal  (Left) +  Juan Javier Peña  (Right) ; Red Carpet (Behind)

Ricardo Casal (Left) + Juan Javier Peña (Right) ; Red Carpet (Behind)